COVID-19 and Accessibility in Schools 

It is arguably now more important than ever to ensure that schools are ready for the return of their pupils from an accessibility view point. Ensuring all children have equal access to learning should be paramount for all schools.


New COVID-19 regulations mean that schools have had to make judgements on how to balance minimising risk from coronavirus, by maximising control measures, whilst providing a full educational experience. 

Accessibility Planning is now more important than ever and many schools are finding this topic very difficult to navigate, especially with new COVID regulations in place. Our advice would be to carry out an accessibility audit and ensure an Accessibility Plan is in place. Once this is done, schools can then consider adjustments to be made with regards to COVID-19.

We have carried out accessibility audits on schools throughout the pandemic and are continuing to do so. We have adapted our processes and can now either visit a site following protocols, or offer a remote access audit. A Coronavirus Framework has been introduced which prompts schools to think about their accessibility planning in terms of new COVID-19 legislation.

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