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10 Reasonable Adjustments you can make which cost nothing

Complying with the Equality Act and producing a School Accessibility Plan is all about determining what is ‘reasonable’.

#ReasonableAdjustments refer to measures taken by schools to make sure that students with disabilities or special educational needs can access education as same as other students.

Many think these adjustments cost money to implement when this is, in fact, far from the truth. Here are 10 ‘reasonable adjustments’ you can implement now in your school which cost nothing:

1. Ensure your corridors and all circulation routes are clear of clutter

2. Provide your visually impaired students with large print materials

3. Create a ‘Quiet’ zone for pupils who need it

4. Reschedule a class or lesson on the ground floor for students with mobility limitations

5. Ensure the emergency alarm cord in your accessible toilet is loose (not tied back)

6. Use different font styles or colours when preparing written materials for students with dyslexia

7. Paint nosings on all steps for those with a visual impairment

8. Add a User Adjustable font size to your website

9. Provide printed outlines and summaries of lesson content for students with learning disabilities

10. Make sure your accessible toilet’s mirror is at a wheelchair friendly height

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