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School Accessibility Plan

All schools must have one

All schools must have an Accessibility Plan in place to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to education. This plan outlines the steps the school will take to remove barriers and provide accommodations for students with disabilities. It is important to have this plan in place to promote inclusivity and ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed.

How can we help your school?

Our service:

Our service starts with a visit to your school by one of Access Auditors, who are all ex-teachers. During the on-site visit, we will assess the physical accessibility of your school. The remaining two equally weighted counterparts, which make up an Accessibility Plan (access to the curriculum and access to published information), are carried out off-site. Once completed, we will present you a fully bespoke Accessibility Plan that is ready to publish.

We are also on-hand throughout the life span of the Accessibility Plan to assist with any queries you may have. For example, if a pupil with particular needs joins and you need some advice. 

Our aim is to advise you on what would be considered reasonable under the Equality Act given the context of your school. 

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