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Does Ofsted look at your Accessibility Plan?

Yes, Ofsted inspectors do consider a school's Accessibility Plan as part of their inspection process.

The Accessibility Plan is a document that outlines a school's strategy for promoting equality and tackling disability discrimination. It sets out how the school will ensure that all students, including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), have equal access to education and opportunities.

During an Ofsted inspection, inspectors will evaluate the effectiveness of the Accessibility Plan and its impact on pupils with SEND. They will assess whether the plan:

  1. Identifies and addresses the needs of pupils with SEND

  2. Provides a clear and effective strategy for improving accessibility

  3. Ensures that staff are trained and supported to meet the needs of pupils with SEND

  4. Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of the plan

Inspectors will also consider whether the Accessibility Plan is:

  1. Underpinned by a clear understanding of the needs of pupils with SEND

  2. Informed by evidence from assessments, evaluations, and feedback from pupils, parents, and staff

  3. Implemented effectively across the school

  4. Reviewed and updated regularly

A strong Accessibility Plan can demonstrate a school's commitment to inclusivity, equity, and student well-being, which is essential for Ofsted inspectors.

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