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Now is the time to make sure your school has an Accessibility Plan

All schools must have an Accessibility Plan in place.

An Accessibility Plan must take into consideration all users of the school building and services, not just the pupils. Additionally, where disabled pupils are placed at a substantial disadvantage, schools must consider whether any reasonable adjustment can be made to overcome that disadvantage. This must be done within a reasonable time and in ways which are determined after taking account of the pupil’s disabilities and any preferences expressed by them or their parents.

Equality Act Audits is the only company in the UK who can undertake and #AccessAudit of your school and then write your Accessibility Plan. We are ex-teachers who understand school settings and all have a passion for #SpecialEducationalNeeds. You are presented with a fully bespoke Accessibility Plan ready to publish on your website.

The School's White Paper was released mid 2022, promising to deliver real action to shake up education. Amongst other actions to make sure every child can reach the full height of their potential, the plan details that by 2025, every school will have had an inspection by Ofsted. During an Ofsted inspection, they will ask to see a school's Accessibility Plan. If a school does not have an Accessibility Plan, or does not have one in place covering all aspects of legislation required, the school will be penalised.

Our aim is to help SENCOs, Business Managers and Headteachers navigate this complex subject. We offer a friendly and knowledgeable service, offering solutions which are cost effective and are considered 'reasonable' under the #EqualityAct.

Get in touch with us for more information!

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